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Who Should You Exclude?

Today’s topic – being exclusive.  Have you thought carefully about that term?  It’s great because it means you get to exclude people – the wrong people…  The clients, projects, and audience you DON’T want to work with… One of my favorite business quotes of all time is from my hero, Tom Peters:  “Choose damn carefully. …

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Stop Brokesplaining

When you’re broke – and you’re giving me all the crazy reasons you’re broke and why being broke is noble and why you have to stay broke…  Listen to your self-talk: I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough, I can’t find the good clients… STOP IT Here are 7 strategies to help you change that …

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This Is the No-Ego Zone

Onto today’s topic du jour… EGO. As speakers, consultants, and experts, we MUST take ourselves out of our marketing messages. Nobody cares about YOU. The only thing they MIGHT care about is you IN TERMS of THEM. What problems can you help them solve that others can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to? How are …

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Is Your Expertise “Essential”?

You know it is!  And I know it is.  But do your clients know how essential your programs, services, consulting, coaching, and training are to their survival and success?  And how recession-proof is your expert-based business?  Is your content a must-have or a nice-to-have?  Are your distribution methods subject to cancellation and postponement?  Do you have a real strategy or just …

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Speaking is NOT Dead

Too many of my esteemed competitors would tell you that speaking is dead – time to move on. Here’s what that argument sounds like: You used to be a speaker, huh? Gosh – I guess Covid-19 wiped you out. No events – no meetings – no training. Bummer – so here’s what you need to …

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The 4 Levels of Marketing

When it comes to marketing, there are four things that you need to focus on, four levels if you will. The four levels of marketing are: Strategy Tactics Initiatives Action steps When you hop on a webinar, when you ask your mastermind group for help, even when you start searching the web for answers and …

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