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33 Quick Tips for Marketing Success

Time for a little motivation.

I don’t mean woo-woo motivation.

I mean motivating you into inspired intelligent action.

And specifically, I want to help you take inspired action to start marketing more smartly, easily and consistently.

I know you’re super busy. So I distilled each of these tips into 3 words each.


Here we go…

  1. Charge higher prices
  2. Focus your energies
  3. Do less monkeywork
  4. Attract bigger fish
  5. Narrow your niche
  6. Promote your expertise
  7. Make clients shine
  8. Believe in yourself
  9. Clarify your value
  10. Articulate your fabulousness
  11. Start your movement
  12. Begin right now
  13. Stop wasting time
  14. Don’t be afraid
  15. Close that deal
  16. Use the phone
  17. Take your shot
  18. Make idea lists
  19. Be the shortcut
  20. Different ain’t better
  21. Better is better
  22. Develop more allies
  23. Showcase others’ genius
  24. Make it fun
  25. Do it right
  26. Manage your money
  27. Aim higher sooner
  28. Never give up
  29. Serve your peeps
  30. Make your bed
  31. Polish your shoes
  32. Do the unthinkable
  33. Think the undoable

Now those all sound great. But what if you’re stuck asking yourself questions like:

  • Where do I find GOOD prospects to talk to in the first place?
  • What do I say about my speaking, training, consulting, or coaching services that will get them to recognize they need me?
  • How can I stop wasting time talking to people with no need, no budget, or no authority to hire me?
  • When will this business of sharing my expertise become easier?
  • Why am I so good at doing “the work of the work” with my clients but still struggling to figure out the marketing, sales, and leverage part?

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

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David Newman, best-selling author of “Do It! Marketing” and creator of the Do It! MBA; host of the iTunes Top 50 business podcast “The Selling Show”; connect with David on Facebook and watch our current free on-demand masterclass.

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The $500K Consulting Gameplan Session

How $100k/yr Solo Consultants and Business Coaches Boost Their Income by 50%-500% in Less than 15 Months

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