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The 4 Levels of Marketing

When it comes to marketing, there are four things that you need to focus on, four levels if you will.

The four levels of marketing are:

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Initiatives
  • Action steps

When you hop on a webinar, when you ask your mastermind group for help, even when you start searching the web for answers and tools to grow your business, the number one source of overwhelm is when you’ve heard a whole bunch of strategies, a whole bunch of tactics, a whole bunch of initiatives, a whole bunch of actions steps — and you don’t know the difference.

There are three reasons why this short-circuits your brain:

  1. You can’t do them all
  2. You can’t prioritize or figure out how to start to think about them
  3. You can’t distinguish why or how it might work for your particular business

strategy is a big picture area of your business. It could be a marketing strategy. It could be a sales strategy. It could be a financial strategy.

Let’s say you come across someone who tells you Instagram is an amazing marketing platform and you’re really missing out if your business is not on Instagram.

She is using it and it fits her business beautifully, and you respect this person and you admire her successful business.

And now you’re thinking, “Oh man, it’s all about Instagram, Instagram, Instagram.”

“If she built her business on Instagram, I can probably build my business on Instagram.”

Well, let’s back up and analyze that as far as the four levels of marketing.

Internet marketing is the strategy. In other words, Internet marketing is the big giant umbrella over Instagram.

The tactic under that would be social media. There’s a lot going on via the internet, folks, that’s not social media.

For example, Search engine optimization, your website, the structure of your web presence, blogging, podcasting, email marketing, dozens of internet marketing strategies. Social media happens to be one bucket under that, so social media is the tactic.

An initiative would be “I’m going to start using Instagram.”

This is level three now. I’m going to start using Instagram. I’m going to start understanding it. I might read a book. I might go to some websites, I’m going to grab a copy of Instagram 101 or Using Instagram for Business, all those fabulous resources that are out there for free.

Now, the action step – here’s level four, the action step always takes the form of verb, noun, date.

  1. Set up my Instagram account by Wednesday
  2. Prepare my first 10 posts by Friday
  3. Find 25 influential people to follow in my industry by Saturday
  4. Identify the top 5 hashtags to attract prospects by Monday
  5. Set up to schedule posts by next Wednesday 

Those are action steps.

And the action step can also go on your calendar.

So it really takes it down to “What are you doing today?” 

What’s on your priority action list today?

Your to-do list could be 50 things, but what are your top three most important things that you need to do based on the strategies you’ve selected, based on the tactics that you’ve chosen, based on the initiatives that you’ve designed, what are the action steps to put on your calendar and get it done?

So right there, just unpacking those four levels, you’ve gotten some insights through which you can start to filter and sort all of your ideas, notes, all of those webinars you’ve listened to, all of those tactics and tools and light bulb moments, all those nuggets and sound bites that you may have swirling around in your head or on your “someday, maybe list.”

If you start to sort them into these four levels; strategy, tactic, initiative and action step – you’ll get a much clearer vision for ALL your marketing going forward this week, this month, and for the rest of your professional career.

How will you put the 4 levels of marketing to work for your business this week? What strategies, tactics, initiatives, and action steps are you working on? Send me a private message – I really want to know. And I read every single one. Yes me. No minions. No elves :o) 


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