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Who Should You Exclude?

Today’s topic – being exclusive. 

Have you thought carefully about that term? 

It’s great because it means you get to exclude people – the wrong people… 

The clients, projects, and audience you DON’T want to work with…

One of my favorite business quotes of all time is from my hero, Tom Peters: 

“Choose damn carefully. You are as much about who your clients are NOT as about who they ARE.”

Besides the twisted grammar, it’s just pure brilliance. 

We can often define ourselves and our business by answering the following questions:  

  • Who’s NOT for you? 
  • Who irritates you? 
  • Who are you NOT relevant to?
  • Which clients are not profitable?
  • Which clients are not fun? 
  • Who are you BUILT to serve? 
  • Which clients are a dream to work with?

The day you exclude clients/projects that are not relevant, not profitable, or not fun for you to work with, is the day you can double down your focus on the ones who ARE. 

If you really want to take this to the next level, you’ll even make this document PUBLIC like we have done…

Take a look at this PDF here

If that sounds like YOU, watch this free training:

If you’re afraid to take a stand and DECLARE the clients you want to work with, how can you possibly hope they’ll just find you at random? 

And if you’re not willing to broadcast your client-getting criteria clearly, strongly, and repeatedly, then I’d challenge you to look at your prospecting, outreach, and outbound sales activity… 

I’ll even make a small bet that it’s a haphazard, catch-as-catch-can mess because you don’t have any guiding principles to help you zero in on the exact kinds of clients you do your very best work with. 

Your assignment: Create a Fit/No Fit document like we did. 

Two columns: 

You don’t fit if… 

Under this heading, write down 7-10 traits, behaviors, values, or beliefs of clients and prospects who drive you crazy. You know, those nightmare clients from hell. We’ve all had them. It’s time for you to stop inviting them into your world!

You’re a great fit if… 

Under this heading, write down 7-10 traits, behaviors, values, or beliefs of clients whom you love. You know, those ideal clients you wish you could clone. The ones that show up with enthusiasm, respect, and attention. The ones who implement. The ones who get amazing results with your help. The ones who repeat, refer, and recommend you. 

Then I double dog dare you to POST it in public. 

On your website. On your “About” page. On social media. 

Or as a PDF you email to prospects either right before or right after an initial conversation about working with you. 

Are you ready to get exclusive?

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David Newman

David Newman, best-selling author of “Do It! Marketing” and creator of the Do It! MBA; host of the iTunes Top 50 business podcast “The Selling Show”; connect with David on Facebook and watch our current free on-demand masterclass.

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