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Do It! speaking:

77 Instant-Action Ideas to Market, Monetize, and Maximize Your Expertise

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For thought-leading CEOs, executives, consultants, and entrepreneurs, the true test of your personal brand comes down to one simple question: When you open your mouth, do people listen?

As a business owner, independent professional, or thought-leading executive…

Is this YOU?

Do It! Speaking is the missing instruction manual to build a thriving speaking business around your expertise. “

~Brian Tracy

Hall of Fame Speaker and New York Times Bestselling Author of Eat That Frog and The Science of Influence

Do It! Speaking reveals the inside track on marketing, positioning, packaging, prospecting, outreach, sales, and how to get more and better speaking gigs on behalf of your company, your brand, and yourself. This book is the definitive guide on how to:

  • Develop your speaking-driven revenue streams
  • Quickly commercialize your knowledge in today’s economy
  • Bolster your visibility, credibility, and bank account
  • Use speaking to sell more of your products, services, and ideas
  • Become a better messenger of your company’s mission and dominate your marketplace

Order the Book Today and Get Instant Access to All the Bonus Gifts

Listen, you’re a smart cookie… You know that true speaking success is about:

As a professional speaker who spent almost a full year “on the other side of the table” booking speakers for 160+ events, I can tell you this book will give you the keys to…

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Order the Book Today and Get Instant Access to All the Bonus Gifts

Get FREE marketing tools, templates and worksheets to make your speaker marketing tasks easy, effortless and enjoyable.

Get all the companion tools, PDFs, and forms mentioned in the Do It! Speaking book.

PLUS you get exclusive access to 33 high-value marketing, sales, and business growth courses, resources, ebooks, and trainings from David’s smart friends – including some of the expert contributors you read about in the book.

Companion tools include the 21-Day Speaker Marketing Playbook (PDF) and 100+ marketing tools and worksheets.

A small sampling of the other resources you’ll get:

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Expert Positioning for More Success and Growth
by Debbie Allen
$20.99 Value
The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan
by Stephanie Chandler
$19.99 Value
State Societies of Association Executives and Contact Information
by Ed Rigsbee
$19.99 Value
Hero Leadership Kit
by Jeffrey Hayzlett
$1,625 Value
Improvise to Success! Book (+ MORE)
by Avish Parashar
$67 Value
List-Making as a Tool of Thought Leadership
by Mark Levy
50 Prospecting Truths
by Mark Hunter
10 Tool, Tips and Tricks for Social Media Mastery
by Corey Perlman
Prospecting for Profit Power Pack
by Wendy Weiss
$387 Value
Public Speaking & Sales Presentations
by Patricia Fripp
Free Mastermind Group Onboarding Checklist
by Karyn Greenstreet
Do It! Speaking Companion Templates, Tools, Resources
by David Newman
How to Add Value to Meeting Planners
by Shel Horowitz
The Speaker's Cold Calling (without the cold) Fill-in-the-Blanks Template, and Video Training
by Art Sobczak
$99 Value
6 Step Process to Create Customers with Word of Mouth
by Jay Baer
Simple Compelling Message Masterclass
by Dov Gordon
$197 Value
Speaking with Confidence Online Training
by Allison Shapira
$299 Value
How to Learn to Sell on Facebook and Actually Make Money
by Melinda Emerson
Complete Collection of 100+ Do It! Marketing Tools
by David Newman
3 Steps to PR Success
by Christina Davest
Take The Pain Out of Prospecting
by Jill Harrington
FREE Video Series and 78 Page Report full of sales tips
by Wes Schaeffer
3500 Speaker Leads
by Jess Todtfeld
$497 Value
Financial and Business Success Kit
by Mary Kelly
$129 Value
Starting Your Own Networking Group
by Michael Goldberg
The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Profiles
by Viveka von Rosen
Persuade With A Story!
by Henry DeVries
$10 Value
Intel Engine Trial
by Sam Richter
Digital Footprint Marketing Critique
by Ford Saeks
The Contrarian Handbook
by Ozan Varol
Bold™ Signature Talk Formula
by Melanie Benson
$197 Value
3 Keys For Getting Your Book Done - Fast!
by Dan Janal
Linkedin Sales Navigator Training
by Trevor Turnbull
$297 Value

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