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Once you’ve reached the $100,000 per year revenue level as a solo consultant, a problem starts to become obvious…

For the amount of effort you put in, for the amount of risk that you take, for the amount of value that you deliver… you don’t earn enough money AND you work too hard.

Now is the time for that to change.


This is the home of decisive, committed, and bold consultants determined to break through the stagnation of “doing OK” and uplevel their thinking and DOING so that they create the transformational freedom-based business they’ve always wanted.
Much better clients. 
Much bigger deals. 
Much higher fees. 
As a “somewhat successful” solo consultant right now, you’re facing a defining decision… Disrupt or Be Disrupted.
You can keep doing what you’ve been doing – getting OK clients at OK fees and making an OK living as “just another consultant” for hire…
You can shift into high gear with ambition, focus, and a healthy drive to change the game, serve your clients at a much higher level, make a much bigger difference for them and for yourself, and enjoy your freedom, family, and finances at levels that you’ve daydreamed about — but perhaps you never thought were really possible for you. 
The whole consulting industry and corporate America are conspiring right now to commoditize your expertise, push you into a price-driven sale, or even banish you to the land of the RFP (where all good consultants go to die.) 
Oh, and they won’t let you access the real decision-makers or ask the questions you need to ask, so now you’re flying blind right into the side of the consulting mountain! 

Fact: The $255 billion consulting industry in the US is thriving. With an annual growth rate of 8.5%, there are 865,756 consulting businesses in the US, with an average income of $294,540 per consultant. 
Sounds like great news but… 

But does this translate to prosperity and success for most solo business consultants? No – in fact, you’re being left out in the cold. (Want proof? Only 6% of solo consultants earn over $100,000, fewer than 2% earn over $1 million, and the average consultant makes only $47,211 per year.)
The good news is – you’re not average. And you’re already in the top 6% if you’ve broken through the $100k per year barrier. 

Now you’re ready to get serious, scale, and grow. 

We Are Decidedly Different, Our Approach—Dramatically Effective—Yet, Not for Everyone and May Not Be for You…

To be honest, we are not for “most” solo consultants. Many choose to cling to their self-soothing delusions that they just need to blog more, get more PR, “put themselves out there” and all their marketing, sales, and revenue problems will magically disappear on their own.

Others want to get different results, want to return to the time when their consulting business was a fun, rewarding adventure, but fear change, or are afraid that they can’t or won’t change. 
They cling to their scarcity mindset. They insist on caving on fees and hope to make it up on volume. Or they’ll do any project for any client at any fee just to scrape by. They create their own struggle – and some are even proud of it.

If that is you, be honest with yourself. You may not be a candidate for what we do.

For that special solo business consultant who sees a vision of the thought leader of tomorrow and who is, once again, the respected and valued trusted advisor… who is fast, brave, and smart… who attracts the best prospects and clients because they create such meaningful results and are crystal clear in the outcomes they reliably deliver…

If you are that consultant, you’ve finally found it…

Your port in the storm…

If You Qualify…

We install, in your business, the Do It! Marketing Business Accelerator (MBA) system — a proven success model for high-performing consultants who are committed to winning better clients, bigger deals, and higher fees.

“The System” is responsible for taking many of our clients from below six figures to six figures, from six figures to multiple six-figures, and closing deals they never even imagined possible. 

And, following “The System” you can expect to experience growth, freedom and dramatic revenue improvement within the first 90 days (and 2x-10x improvement after the first year).

To experience what it might be like to work with us, I recommend that you apply for a zero-cost Business Accelerator Call with David personally. There is no charge, but you must meet our strict, but reasonable criteria:

  1. You must be a solo business consultant already generating $100,000 or more per year.
  2. You must be ambitious, committed to growth, and ready to take action on our recommendations NOW.
  3. If your partner or spouse is involved in your consulting business in any way, they must participate in the call.

During your Business Accelerator call, you’ll get clarity on your consulting model, revenue model, and how to scale and grow your business. We will demonstrate to you what it might be like to work with us. And we’ll evaluate you to determine if your business fits our strict guidelines for new clients.

To begin the application process for your Business Accelerator call with David click the button.

Meet the team

Meet the team who is committed to your success at every step to help you grow your impact, boost your revenue, and build the transformational freedom-based business you’ve always wanted.

David Newman

Founder and CEO

David Newman is a Certified Speaking Professional and member of the NSA Million Dollar Speakers Group. David is the author of the business bestsellers, “Do It! Marketing” and “Do It! Speaking.”

David helps solo consultants and business coaches grow their revenues by 50%-500% in less than 15 months. Nothing makes David happier than client results. (Well, maybe puppies – but that’s it!) 

Charlie Poznek

Operations, Finance, Strategy

Charlie has started and grown entrepreneurial ventures, worked in the hedge fund business, and loves creating opportunities for others.

Charlie helps David work on strategy, business development and execution of our services, training, and programs.

Sam McCracken

Technology, Operations, Systems

Sam is an Online Business Manager and helps the Do It! Marketing team with running and organizing the technology and other aspects of the business.

With a background in Human Resources and IT, Sam’s passion lies with creating products and services that enhance the development of clients’ learning and growth.

Theresa French

Training, Coaching, Miracles

Theresa is an award-winning sales expert. She’s recognized as a leading authority in customer acquisition and business development, and helps experts and thought leaders to build the confidence and gravitas to call on senior executives, most notably, C-Level CXOs in order to conduct more effective sales and business conversations. 

She is ON FIRE to inspire and create business transformation for incredibly talented clients enrolling in our Do It! Marketing programs.


Marketing, Sales, Strategy

Jamie ensures you receive the accountability and focused action steps to foster your business growth and your growth as its leader.

As an entrepreneur herself, Jamie is familiar with the pressures of owning a business. Working with founders and executives for nearly twenty years, she provides the necessary tools to bring clarity, direction, and positive support to increase our client’s performance, productivity, and confidence.

Amanda SUtton

Sales, Visibility, Marketing

Amanda brings over 25 years of B2B consulting, marketing and agency experience turning people’s expertise into profit. Amanda has helped hundreds of CEOs, consultants and companies improve market position and become known as the Go-To expert in their space.

Her passion lies in getting people to align with their full potential and get comfortable being on top! She also mentors students and new entrepreneurs, and trains on messaging, branding, content and outreach strategies.

Chi Bartram Wright

Marketing, Mindset, Mojo

Chi is an executive coach and leadership consultant who has helped several Fortune 100 organizations to increase engagement, hone messaging, and transform culture.

He knows firsthand what it takes to build evergreen client relationships and how to create the growth mindset necessary to take your business to the next level.

Katie McCarthy

Mindset, Business Development, Productivity

Katie is a hypnotherapist, alignment expert and trusted advisor to visionary leaders. Katie specializes in working with business owners who are doing the work, but not producing the results identify the root cause of their issues, so they can reach their business goals with more ease and fun.

Driven by curiosity, creativity and unwavering belief that everything is always working out for your highest and best good, Katie supports Do It! Marketing’s clients to create more impact while making more money and living the lifestyle of their dreams.


Clients, Social, Clients

Morgan assists the team at Do It! Marketing with the day to day running of our training programs. She ensures that all of the clients working with Do It! Marketing get the help that they need to make the most out of their investment.

She loves helping entrepreneurs build their dream businesses. Morgan ensures that everyone gains value from their time with Do It! Marketing and she is there to support the clients as well as help things run smoothly from behind the scenes.


Marketing Dog​

Woofie is the official marketing dog at Do It! Marketing.

Known for snoozing and snacking during meetings, Woofie also runs the most popular canine website owned by a Labrador Retriever,

Nothing speaks more loudly than results...

The $500K Consulting Gameplan Session

How $100k/yr Solo Consultants and Business Coaches Boost Their Income by 50%-500% in Less than 15 Months

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