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101 Sales Tips in 3 Words

  1. Be more courageous.
  2. Stop prospecting blind.
  3. Tune your radar.
  4. Listen more deeply.
  5. Action creates traction.
  6. Try new things.
  7. Hang in there.
  8. Get better daily.
  9. Begin with enthusiasm.
  10. Finish with flair.
  11. Celebrate small wins.
  12. Eliminate wasted steps.
  13. Aim higher sooner.
  14. Never stop learning.
  15. Give, give, give.
  16. Plant seeds relentlessly.
  17. Stop wasting time.
  18. Hound dogs bark.
  19. Alpha dogs buy.
  20. Value + Time = Trust.
  21. Do your homework.
  22. Bring home bacon.
  23. Seek higher ground.
  24. Stop the crazy.
  25. Start the money.
  26. Give awesome gifts.
  27. Keep it real.
  28. Start fresh today.
  29. Be the hero.
  30. Write that letter.
  31. Prove your case.
  32. Trust the process.
  33. Seize the day.
  34. Solve prospect problems.
  35. Make others shine.
  36. Ask better questions.
  37. Think WAY bigger.
  38. Focus your energies.
  39. Now beats later.
  40. Let’s play nice.
  41. Zig don’t zag.
  42. Never sell alone.
  43. Stay the course.
  44. Don’t get distracted.
  45. Always ask “Why?”
  46. Amp it up!
  47. How doesn’t matter.
  48. Invite and engage.
  49. You’re already there.
  50. Enjoy the ride.
  51. Fascinate to dominate.
  52. Write it down.
  53. Keep on truckin’!
  54. Love your clients.
  55. Ask for help.
  56. Never give up.
  57. Make prospects friends.
  58. Sharpen your edge.
  59. Bang it out.
  60. Serve to sell.
  61. Speak your mind.
  62. Expand your circles.
  63. Love your numbers.
  64. Consider crazy alternatives.
  65. Not so fast.
  66. Go for no.
  67. Blow ’em away.
  68. Make miracles happen.
  69. Stretch your possibilities.
  70. Kill your ego.
  71. It’s about them.
  72. Speak their language.
  73. Earn their respect.
  74. Don’t shy away.
  75. Give more generously.
  76. Don’t be scared.
  77. Buy this book.
  78. Freshen it up. 
  79. Redirect dumb questions.
  80. Anticipate common roadblocks.
  81. Full color proposals.
  82. Pictures trump words.
  83. Thank your heroes.
  84. Respond, don’t react.
  85. Invest in yourself.
  86. Seek the truth.
  87. Avoid the obvious. 
  88. Birds gotta fly. 
  89. Fish gotta swim.
  90. Relationships are perishable. 
  91. Make that call. 
  92. Track your progress. 
  93. Decisions drive momentum.
  94. Take notes everywhere.
  95. Look further ahead.
  96. Stop playing small.
  97. Sell the dream.
  98. Deliver the goods. 
  99. Never shortchange yourself.
  100. You’re so ready.
  101. DO IT. Now!

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