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Onto today’s topic du jour… EGO. 

As speakers, consultants, and experts, we MUST take ourselves out of our marketing messages. 

Nobody cares about YOU. 

The only thing they MIGHT care about is you IN TERMS of THEM. 

What problems can you help them solve that others can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to? 

How are you different, better, faster, smarter, cooler? 

Not in terms of YOU but in terms of what matters to THEM and THEIR company, 

THEIR team, 

THEIR career, 

THEIR association, 

THEIR members, 

THEIR franchisees, 

THEIR leaders, 

THEIR salespeople, etc. 

Mike Thomson came into our mentoring program as a terrific speaker and coach – but he was all about “I, me, my” messaging and he couldn’t even see it at first. 

Listen to his story here

The moment he flipped his marketing, messaging, and sales conversations from “I, me, my” to “You, you, and you” – everything started to click. 

Fees went up. 

Repeat and referral business took off. 

Sponsorship deals started to close. 

Everything that mattered to him – fees, respect, relationship, and freedom and scale in his business – came about when he flipped the switch away from “me” marketing and toward “client-centric” marketing. 

THAT was what landed him at the top of the heap for high-fee speaking, training, consulting, and sponsorship deals like never before. 

Even though he thought he had it all figured out and had been fairly successful for 30+ years. 

If a rock star like Mike can make a switch like that, what could YOU do with your business with some expert guidance, direction, and revenue acceleration?

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