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7 WTFs For You

This week has brought a tremendous ability to focus my mind. 

What does my focused mind like to do? 

Five things: 

  1. Sell stuff
  2. Help our clients sell stuff
  3. Record videos about selling stuff
  4. Talk to my smart friends about how THEY sell stuff 
  5. Make up funny subject lines for your enjoyment :o) 

Here’s what made me think of this: 

WTF = Wants To Fail. 

Who in the world wants to fail? 

Here’s what I mean… 

Are you already successful? Good! 

By all accounts, including your bank account, you may be ‘successful.’ 

But it’s very possible that the brand of success that you created has a price which can best be described with the saying, “Nothing fails like Success!” 

Imagine yourself after your initial success… 

Speaking 50+ dates a year at good fees; coaching dozens of senior executives a month; selling 10-15,000 books under your own steam; consulting and running seminars for your roster of Fortune 500 clients…

BUT today… 

You are traveling way too much… 

Working way too hard… 

And there’s no time to market your services, develop new products, write more books, or live your life! 

After reaching your initial success, you’re now trapped by it!

If you see that, but don’t DO something about it – well then you Want To Fail

That’s one flavor of WTF… 

Here are 6 more… 

But before we even get to that, for those of you that this particular email resonates with – let’s get you on the call schedule to see exactly how we can help you hit ESCAPE velocity – and help you reboot, reignite, and reimagine your business for its next level of success. 

Here’s where to book a call and see how we can help you right now:

OK back to our half dozen of WTF’s: 

1. Won’t Try Failing – if you’re not willing to try new things (and fail at some of them), you’ll never dial in your success ingredients or get different results

2. Whines Too Frequently – self-explanatory (I hope!)

3. Will Too Flaccid – you need an iron will and a crystal clear vision of where you’d like your business to GO in order to get there via the shortest, surest, quickest path

4. Worse Than Failure – the only thing worse than failure is giving up on your dream before you ever get the chance to succeed

5. Wait Til Friday – procrastination, delay, and denial are not the path that will get you to ANY worthwhile destination. No more waiting. Now is your time! 

6. Whatever That’s Fine – settling for whatever business falls in your lap or whatever referrals you occasionally get isn’t a survival nor a growth plan – it’s an abdication of your entrepreneurial dream. 

Don’t settle.  

Don’t wait. 

Our time is shorter than we think. 

It’s game time – you’re primed – you’re pumped – you’re ready. 

Let’s DO THIS.

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David Newman

David Newman, best-selling author of “Do It! Selling” and creator of the Do It! MBA; host of the iTunes Top 50 business podcast “The Selling Show”; connect with David on Facebook and watch our current free on-demand masterclass.

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