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Episode 206

Couch to Podium with Laura Louis

Episode 206: Laura Louis

Dr. Laura Louis has 10 years as an experienced licensed psychologist, speaker and consultant. She is the owner/CEO of Gifted Counseling, LLC; a well-knowing practice located in Atlanta, Georgia. Her approaches have influenced people, organizations, businesses, and companies all over the world!

Laura shares her insights on building your speaking business from the ground up, making money as a speaker in quarantine, easing the tension with virtual events, and much more!

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

  • “Back of the room” sales
  • Getting over the sales phobia
  • Continuing to make money through the pandemic
  • Dropping prices for virtual events?
  • Navigating licensing deals with virtual events
  • Where she finds her paid speaking gigs
  • When to communicate with HR as decision makers
  • Making clients feel better about virtual events
  • Strategies to being found online
  • Building a team

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