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7 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do Daily

Here are the top 7 things that entrepreneurs, business owners, and independent professionals must do every single day: 

1. Revisit your goals, milestones, and metrics for the day, week, month, and quarter (financial, marketing, sales, operations)…

Ramifications if not done daily – you lose sight of the big picture and get pulled off your game by distractions, trivia, and  grunt work.

2. Put new prospects on your radar via strategic outreach…

Ramifications if not done daily – your sales and marketing start to slip and you suffer from the feast-or-famine small business sales rollercoaster.

3. Thank your team – whether in-house, outsourced, full-time, or virtual…

Ramifications if not done daily – your team loses their motivation, momentum, and mojo. Once that’s gone, they’re halfway out the door.

4. Offer value – in terms of content, your blog, a video, a resource, a referral, a favor, a gift…

Ramifications if not done daily – you become just more marketing noise and customers and prospects tune you out and see you as a peddler, not a partner.

5. Invite engagement – online, offline, in-person, by phone or Zoom; ask and answer questions, solicit feedback, invite comments, send a survey…

Ramifications if not done daily – your business becomes isolated as you talk AT your customers and clients rather than talk WITH them.

6. Recharge your batteries – just like the airlines say, “secure your own mask before assisting others”…

Ramifications if not done daily – entrepreneurial burnout, stress, drinking, drugs, and divorce. Don’t laugh – you could be next.

7. Be gracious and grateful – take a moment to appreciate what you have, what you’ve built, and who you get to serve each day…

Ramifications if not done daily – instead of becoming more and more fulfilling, your business success becomes a trap, a race, and a never-ending contest that you can never win. Stop and smell the coffee!

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