How $100k/Yr Solo Consultants And Business Coaches Boost Their Income By 50%-500% In Less Than 15 Months


Use Testimonials Wisely

Testimonials are among the most powerful marketing ammunition in your marketing arsenal. 

Testimonials have the power to achieve a variety of things for your marketing and client retention goals.

Each time you use a testimonial you need to decide what you are trying to accomplish or what message you are trying to support. 

For example, they can:

Overcome buyer skepticism. Use a testimonial to shine light on your credibility, or on the quality of your product or service. This type of testimonial builds trust and overcomes natural barriers. 

Example: “Best program I’ve ever invested in – and I’ve tried many. Working with David wasn’t cheap, but dollar for dollar, absolutely the best investment I’ve made in my business in 10 years.”

Overcome objections. Your readers are going to be naturally skeptical of any claims, promises or bold statements. As much as you can back yourself up with facts, a third party experience or opinion will work wonders to overcome unspoken objections in the prospect’s mind.

Example: “It all sounded too good to be true, but when I started doing David’s assignments, the results came immediately and I got 2 new clients the very first week.”

Simplify or make a point. A customer’s personal experience with your product or service will work to persuade your audience like a story does. Complex concepts or abstract ideas will make more sense when applied to real life examples. 

Example: “We did a lot of work on my messaging, packaging, and marketing language. It wasn’t easy and it took a while, but David helped me at every step and I just got off the phone with a client who chose me because I followed the exact scripting we developed. I knew I had trouble closing deals like this, and I now know exactly how to do that from now on.”

Break up and maintain interest in long copy. Readers have short attention spans and they will get bored unless you can change up the structure on a regular basis. Quotations and testimonials will break up the tone or voice of the copy, and sound like the customer is reading dialogue, which will keep them engaged. You can also break up paragraphs with a testimonial that supports the point you have just made.

Example: See what I did right there? :o) 

Target anxieties or doubts. Just like they can overcome skepticism and objections, they can also overcome hidden anxieties or doubts at each stage of the sales process. Anticipate questions like “Is this worth the money?”, “Do I really need this?”, and “What will my spouse think of me buying this?”, and place testimonials accordingly.

Example: “Through David’s skillful consulting, I was able to quickly define and create focus areas, ideal clients and messaging. David is a person of highest integrity and is an absolute joy to work with. David provides exceptional value and I would recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking marketing help from a true guru!”

Use testimonials in your marketing efforts and you’ll unleash the power of social proof, reduce risk, and boost the “I gotta get me some o’ that” factor!

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How $100k/yr Solo Consultants and Business Coaches Boost Their Income by 50%-500% in Less than 15 Months

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