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Episode 79

Innovation Nation with Julie Holmes

Episode 79: Julie Holmes

Julie Holmes is an inventor, founder, entrepreneur and corporate survivor. Her favorite question is “What if?” What if you could transform your frustration into time savings and money making? It might sound crazy but that’s exactly what she’s been doing with organizations over the last 25 years.

In addition to being an award-winning international speaker, Julie has designed and launched solutions from million dollar software applications to tiny Bluetooth microphones (as a speaker, maybe you’ve heard of Hey Mic!?). But her creative expertise isn’t limited to products. She’s helped organizations like Expedia, Oracle and FedEx leverage innovation and design thinking to improve their leadership, sales, and customer service.

While Julie’s content is inspiring and practical, audiences equally love that she’s a firecracker on stage. Bursting with energy and enthusiasm, she takes audiences on a journey of laughter and learning. With stories and real-world examples, Julie shows them how to find their inner inventor, embrace their entrepreneur and spot the big opportunities in even the smallest innovations.

Julie Holmes, professional keynote speaker, innovation expert, and self-proclaimed ultimate nerd joins us on The Speaking Show to talk about how she found her way into the niche of innovation, how she organizes her programs, and how she divides her business between speaking, software development, and product manufacturing all under her own umbrella!

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