Build Your Platform, Create Authority, Grow Your Business... YES even in this current climate!


You know it is! 

And I know it is. 

But do your clients know how essential your programs, services, consulting, coaching, and training are to their survival and success? 

And how recession-proof is your expert-based business? 

  • Is your content a must-have or a nice-to-have? 
  • Are your distribution methods subject to cancellation and postponement? 
  • Do you have a real strategy or just a bunch of tactics that work less and less well

During this entire crisis, we only lost 1.6% of our annual revenue. 

Not to brag – but we are ESSENTIAL to our clients and to their ongoing success. 


Did we just sit on our asses, fat and happy, and keep doing business as usual? 

No – in fact, it’s quite the opposite…

I’ll be brutally honest – our old business came to a halt back in March. Total implosion.

Zero dollars coming in from the old offers, programs, and services. 

So how can we be down only 1.6%? 

Because in March, we had $110,000 coming in from our new offers, programs, and services.

And because we made drastic changes and huge shifts in: 

  • What we do 
  • Who we do it for
  • How we talk about it
  • How we market it 
  • How we sell it
  • How we price it
  • How clients and prospects perceive it

This all comes from being able to rapidly shift three pieces of our business ANY time we want to or need to: 

1. Clarity (who you are, what you offer, why it’s different)

2. Focus (who you want to serve, what problems you want to solve)

3. Decisions (where to find great prospects, what to sell, what to charge)

Want to get that super power for your own business? 

If you’re ready to launch (or re-launch) your expertise-based business in turbulent and uncertain times, read about our offering, Do It! MBA.

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