Build Your Platform, Create Authority, Grow Your Business... YES even in this current climate!


No doubt about it – our world has turned upside down and inside out with the global Coronavirus pandemic. 

Despite the disruption, unemployment, illness and loss – as experts, now is the time for us to lead more – help more – serve more – and redefine what it means to be a thought leader in this new world that we’re all just getting acclimated to. 

Here’s what COVID should mean to you and me: 

C = Caring. Your prospects and clients are looking for leaders and partners. A voice of calm in the storm. They have legitimate fears and concerns. Don’t minimize or disregard those. Help them become aware of new opportunities while expressing genuine empathy and concern for their personal, professional and financial well-being.

O = Openness. Be open to new distribution channels for your expertise. Commit to flexing and changing your marketing message, services, and offers. Be open to some prospects being MORE committed to hiring you now, not less. Be open to increasing your relevance and value to clients during this time of extreme emotions, changes, and uncertainty.  

V = Value. Yes, this is the time to help MORE – serve MORE – give MORE. But it’s also not a time to market or sell any LESS. Give extreme value for free – like you always have. And give extreme value for premium fees – like you always have. If you’re a professional problem solver – and you ARE – then when the world has more problems, will your business go up or down? UP!! Do not forget this simple truth. 

I = Impact. Now more than ever is the time for you to positively impact the lives and businesses of your clients and the livelihood of your team. Do not hide under your desk. Do not be afraid of going to the market that desperately needs your help. Be aware of comfortable excuses you’re making to justify your lack of sales activity. You were probably not doing it right before – and you probably were not doing enough of it – so now is the time to do it more and do it right. Don’t hide, don’t weaken. And above all, don’t stop. The world needs you. Let me repeat: Now. More. Than. Ever. 

D = Determination. Know that your prospects and clients are a little scared right now to do anything. And it’s OK for you to be scared as well. But don’t be indecisive. And encourage your prospects and clients to be decisive. Action eliminates fear. Be bold and resolve to add more value, create more community, bring your prospects and clients together. With more isolation, the need for connection, conversation, and collaboration is even greater. Boost your determination toward massive intelligent action. Help your clients do the same. You both win.

We’re all in this together. 


Let’s DO IT!

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