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Episode 293

Delete Limiting Beliefs with Lion Goodman

Episode 293: Lion Goodman

Lion Goodman, PCC is a professional transformational coach, author, and subconscious pattern detective. He is the founder of the Clear Beliefs Institute, which offers programs to help people free themselves from limitations, blocks, and resistance, in order to create the life they desire.

What stops people from moving forward is not a lack of opportunity, but a lack of self-confidence or self-discipline. And what causes THAT are beliefs – beliefs about oneself, beliefs about others, and beliefs about the world.

Learn to clear the limiting and negative beliefs in your way, and you will become unstoppable. Learn to clear your clients’ limiting beliefs – the ones holding them back – and you will be their hero (and a required consultant to their business). You will be seen as World Class, standing far above others in your industry.

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

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