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Have you ever wondered what would happen if your market immediately recognized you as the absolute leader in your field?

Do you think that the quality and financial value of your clients, customers, and company would dramatically improve?

Of course it would…

Because 88% of all North American consumers say they consistently seek out and transact with brands and businesses that they feel some sort of “personal connection” with.

Not only that, 75% also agree that those same brands and businesses have almost QUADRUPLE the chance of getting their business if they have heard the founder, CEO, or service provider in the media before.

Which is why more than half of all consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and high-end service professionals all understand that “speaking” is the hands-down fastest and most cost-effective way to immediately increase revenue and expand their market reach.

Online, offline, live, pre-recorded, audio…it doesn’t matter.

The spoken word IMMEDIATELY positions you (and your business) as the absolute expert and trusted authority in your field.

But how do you get in front of the right audiences so you don’t waste your time?

How do you influence, promote, and attract media coverage at the highest possible level like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson?

How do you immediately translate all that into an extra $25,000-$150,000 per month in bottom line revenue next quarter?

David Newman, CSP will show exactly what you need to know to position you and your message as the absolute authority in your field.

Having presented for over 600 groups since 1992, including corporations, state and national associations and non-profit organizations, David counts 44 of the Fortune 500 among his clients and audiences including IBM, Comcast, Microsoft, Accenture, and American Express.

Join him for this exclusive “Speaking Profit Formula” training where you’ll learn:

  • How to transform your business from a perceived commodity to in-demand authority brand, regardless of the service you provide or product you sell. (This is the biggest “secret” in the media industry. Just knowing this one thing could get you more press in the next few months than you’ve had the past 5 years combined.)
  • How to use speaking to quickly gain an almost unfair margin of market share by quickly adding unlimited ADDITIONAL “profit streams” for ongoing cashflow and income. (Why let the money stop once people hear and see your message? This is how the 1% of top earning CEOs do the work once and reap the rewards over-and-over again for it.)
  • Exactly how to organize, position, and package yourself and your message to fit within your professional, personal, and business goals. (Whether you want to travel the world, build an empire, or just be free to enjoy life on your terms - knowing how to leverage your voice in this specific way is absolutely critical.)
  • How to spread your message TODAY and start influencing the exact people ready to buy NOW. (No “ivory tower” theory here - David shows you how to take your message from curiosity to cash the same way he does on a daily basis.)

…and best of all…

  • How to do ALL of this without hiring a full-time PR agency, wasting time on endless social media, spamming the Universe, and all the marketing monkey work you hate. (You’ll kick yourself when you realize how simple, straight forward, and FUN all of this is supposed to be!)

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