Build Your Platform, Create Authority, Grow Your Business... YES even in this current climate!


Flourless Chocolate Cake





That’s what a great flourless chocolate cake is all about. 

Same with a high-impact webinar

OK, maybe it doesn’t have to be moist :o) 

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside this action-packed free training I’ve been telling you about: 

0:17-1:30 What your clients and prospects are experiencing during Covid-19  

2:02-2:34 How to show up with caring, empathy, and relevance

2:35-3:17 The five keys to re-align your marketing and messaging

3:17-5:32 Marketing self-check from 0 to 100: from “hot mess” to “laser-focused ninja”

5:44-6:04 Crisis behavior and psychology you MUST know to sell effectively today

6:05-6:15 How to align your value proposition with what buyers are already doing

6:16-6:39 The #1 “benefit” everyone promises that now makes you sound tone-deaf and ignorant

6:40-7:07 How to use herd mentality and risk avoidance to your advantage

7:08-8:24 New nouns and verbs for your messaging so that you become hyper-relevant

8:24-8:37 How to refresh, revamp, and reboot what you say and what you sell

8:38-9:11 How to win attention as a source of help and defuse buyers’ “panic mode”

9:11-11:55 The “3+1” power formula to move your business online NOW

11:55-12:16 Protect your fees and margins when moving to virtual presentations 

12:16-14:09   How to replace sales pitches with a “high trust” systematic process

14:10-14:27 How to stop chasing prospects and have them apply to work with you instead

14:27-15:20  Shift to Covid-19-adapted messaging so that you instantly connect with buyers’ critical priorities

15:20-15:58 How to get your marketing firing on all cylinders even if your prospects are fearful and frozen

15:58-16:38  Stone cold truth: your services, programs, and offers need to adapt or you’ll be ignored

16:38-17:50  How to add online courses, virtual trainings, high-fee mentoring, and elite masterminds to your business model

17:51-18:52 Coaching, training, and consulting success stories for moving into remote/virtual delivery

18:53-20:32 How to generate cash now from a Covid-19-adapted, 100% remotely delivered program 

20:32-21:33  The three primary reasons this business model and revenue model makes sense right now

21:34-22:36 Next steps to help you make this happen with structure, accountability, and mentorship

22:37-25:28  What is required for long-term success as a thought-leading entrepreneur of your expertise

Didn’t watch this free training yet? 

Grab some popcorn – or a thick slice of flourless chocolate cake – and have a seat:. Your future starts here

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David Newman

David Newman, best-selling author of “Do It! Marketing” and creator of the Expert Profit Formula; host of the iTunes Top 50 business podcast “The Speaking Show”; connect with David on Facebook and watch our current free on-demand masterclass.

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Build Your Platform, Create Authority,
Your Business...
YES even in this current climate!

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